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weird dads by Sokyo
weird dads
Fuck you deviantart app

Sorry this is the first thing that came to my head when KL introduced us to her new OC Brinyta. Overprotecting edvey
This is pretty accurate tho. If they'ld now about Brinyta's depression, bulimia, etc, they surely would want to help her or something.
They'ld so adopt her if they could xD

Hopefully someday I am willing to scan this with my shitty scanner.

Edmund Gaspar, Harvey Capro and shitty art by Sokyo
Brinyta White by
I'm FINE don't worry about it! by Sokyo
I'm FINE don't worry about it!
Clarence is fine. Don't question him.
Syyttäkää kaveria paidan väristä.

Art and charecter by sokyo
I love this game by Sokyo
I love this game
Based on Eveveu 's version of Belle and Rudi in sims 3
god rudi looks like a vampire XDD
Otherwise I think this looks quite fine.
They are so much younger otl
I love Photoshop.

Belle by Eveveu
Rudi and art by Sokyo
Fuck you Im manly as fuck Im the king of manliness by Sokyo
Fuck you Im manly as fuck Im the king of manliness
You know nothing about manliness.

this is based on a GTA V AU and Rudi is pretty much Trevor. At least he's crazier and more outgoing than usually (and tattoos can stick to feathers XD). In this AU Rudi even chooses to wear dresses and will scold you for being sexist if you ask why is he wearing that. His masculinity doesn't take any damage no matter the clothes~ (this part is real in the canon too, he just doesn't choose to wear them)
In this AU Dolf is kinda like Michael; he has his wife and daughter and he's a thief and a shitty friend and husband (pretty much canon) and Rudi is his old-time friend. They were having a heist and Dolf faked his own death and stayed hidden with his family for ten years before Rudi found him. During the time he thought his best friend died, he mourned him very much and even got a tattoo (in finnish XDD)
When he found him he was mad as hell and felt so backstabbed and he never stops to make him feel shitty, but inside he's glad his buddy is alive. They do more heists and Michelle and Alice leave Dolf to think about what he's done etc. (he probably cheated on her too)
Also Belle is in this story! Rudi saw how badly his husband, Vience, treated her so he kidnapped her and we had a lovely stockholm-syndrome. (not really.) Rudi convinsed Belle that she deserves better than that abusive asshole and so on. He's even more feminist in this au XD

god I love/miss GTA already I feel so empty now that I finished it *sobs*

Listened to this… while drawing this. (It's the music for the ending where you kill Trevor (or rudi in this case) and I hATE THAT ENDING IT'S TOTALY THE WORST
(also watch this… just for the kicks this song is awesome too)

I'm sure you're real tired of my bullshit and I should get back on OboJ, which I will, I just have some feels right now XD plus I didn't force you to read all this shit but thanks

Rudi Capro & art by Sokyo
GTA V by Rockstar Games
hyshys by Sokyo
I got Photoshop (w00p w00p)
And I thought that I really hadn't given you any taste of my improved human-drawing-skills~ At least the face is fine
the whole pic is pretty random but okay

Rudi & arrt by Sokyo



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